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The Scratch Cat at 100% size
The Scratch Cat at 50% size

Size is a value given to all sprites. The default is 100% (the sprite at its normal size), but can be changed with the size blocks. Decreasing it will cause the image to shrink, and increasing it will cause it to grow.

If the value is four or less, the sprite will appear to be at four percent size. To hide a sprite, simply use the Hide block.

When a sprite is enlarged in Bitmap mode, it pixelates. To avoid this, use drawings in vector mode

Use in Scripts

Size can be used in animation and much more. To change it, you raise or lower the value. The minimum and maximum sizes of sprites vary depending on its default size and its shape, but the average is approximately 3% for minimum, and 500% for maximum. In a 1x1 pixel sprite, the size can be up to a whopping 54000% maximum.

Where they could be used

The size block could be used in a painting game to show what size a line or shape is so that one can change it perfectly the way they want it.

Related Blocks

A sprite's size can be altered or read with these blocks:

— This block will change the size value. You can change it by a positive or negative number, which will move the value up or down.

— This block will set a size to a specific value.

— This block will report the current size of its sprite.

— A block that reports the value of any sprite's X Position, Y Position, Direction, Costume#/Costume name, Size, Volume or Variables.

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