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A spambot is a computer robot made by a person or group to place spam messages or to make a post have a high number of views with only a short period of time. These messages can be anything from commercial, or seemingly random.

Characteristics of bots

How to Detect Spambots

You can usually tell if you're looking at a bot message if it contains a bunch of nonsensical jargon, or if it contains external links.

Where are Bot Messages mostly found?

Most often the programmers who make the bot will choose to spam the more active forums on Scratch, such as the Show and Tell, or the New Scratcher forums, as the spam post will be seen by more people. Spambots will also sometimes attack in the form of comments, whether on profiles or projects.

Combatting spambots

Note Caution: Do not reply to the messages. This can trigger the Spambot, and creates more work for the Scratch Team. Simply report the messages.

How to Deal with Bots In:

The Forums

Just report the post containing spam. If the bot has made several posts, report only one of them. See: How does the Scratch Team deal with the bots?

In Comments

Report any comments containing spam.

In Projects or other Profile related Features

Report the profile for spam, you could also use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of every page.

How does the Scratch Team deal with the bots?

The Scratch Team will ban the account that made the post, as well as place a ban on the IP address that created the account. Afterwards, all posts from the bot will be deleted.

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