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The Tempo in a project controls how fast or slow the instrumental blocks in Scratch play notes and drum beats. Tempo is represented as beats per minute (bpm): 60 bpm implies one beat will be played each second. The higher the value, the faster they play, and the lower, the slower they play. In traditional music, tempos usually range from around 30 bpm (very slow) to around 280 bpm (very fast), but any number can be used. Since changing the tempo changes the length of the beat, it affects how long the Play Drum () for () Beats, the Play Note () for () Beats, and the Rest for () Beats blocks will play. The minimum tempo is 20 bpm.

Related Blocks

The following blocks use the tempo:

Example Uses

This value can be used in a number of ways:

  • Speeding up a song being played by the MIDI instruments
  • Slowing down a song being played by the MIDI instruments
  • Getting the perfect tempo for a beat being played by the drum blocks