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Terrain Generators are a popular type of project on Scratch. They are often created using stamping and pen techniques. They are often tagged under games, simulations and art, and are relatively easy to create by a Scratcher of any level of ability.


An example script looks like this:

when gf clicked
 go to x:(-230) y:(175) //starting point for the stamping sprite, depending on the size of each panel, or costume; this may change, but using -240 and 180 would cut off part of the panel
 repeat until <(y position) = [-175]>
  repeat until <(x position) = [230]>
   stamp //puts the panel there
   change x by (10) //moves the panel over
  change y by (-10) //has the stamping sprite go down one panel
  set x to (-230) //go back to left side of page

One can also use the next costume block to get different looks of the panels. To recive a different terrain every time, one can use a variable or the pick random block.

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