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Think () for () Secs
2.0 Think () for () Secs.png
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Think () for () Secs block is a Looks block and a Stack block. The block give its sprite a thought bubble with the specified text, which stays for the specified amount of seconds. This block is identical to the Say () for () Secs block except that this block gives a thought bubble, while the other gives a speech bubble.

Example Uses

As this block gives a sort of thought, the block can be used whenever a character thinks something (such as in an animation). Another common use is when unpredictable text must be shown; it is an easy alternative to stamping characters on the screen.

Some common uses:

  • A telepathic conversation
think [Hello human! I am a ghost named Taco.] for (2) secs
think [I need some ghost food from Taco Bell.] for (2) secs
think [Bring me some and I shall reward you.] for (2) secs
  • A display for text
when I receive [reading sign v]
think [NOO!! I NEED TO MOVE AROUND FOR MR. KING SIGN!!!!] for (2) secs
  • A radio's transmission
when gf clicked
think [Attention! Hurricane Kuku Bird is headed toward Shakespeareland, Ubekibekibekibekistanstan! Evacuate now!] for (5) secs
  • A character's thought
think [Hmm... What answer is correct?] for (2) secs
think [A is wrong, B I don't know about, C....] for (2) secs
say [Snore... Zzzzzz...] for (2) secs


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

think [Hmm...]
wait (amount) secs
think []

Making the insert blank removes the speech bubble in say and think blocks, but still asks if the Ask () and Wait block is used.

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