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Documentation This is a documentation subpage for Template:ForumDescription (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The forum description template is used for pages about different forums. It is used in the following format:

| name = Name of the forum. Will be replaced with the pagename if not specified.
| activity = Write: (low, moderate or high) amount of topics and a (low, moderate or high) amount of replies.
| date = The year when the forum was made. Do not attempt to link, just write the year as there is already a built-in linking system.
| userpost = Which users can post. New Scratchers? Scratchers? ST? Mods?
| deletion = Date when the forum was archived.
| description = Description from the front page of the forums.
| formername = Did the forum used to be called something else? If so put it here.


Announcements (forum)

Amount of activity: Low amount of topics and a moderate amount of replies.
Opened: Sometime in 2007
Types of users who can post: Only the Scratch Team may create topics, but anyone may post replies
Archived: This forum has never been archived
Brief description: "Updates from the Scratch Team."
Previously named: It was always called Announcements

Announcements is a forum used by the Scratch Team to announce stuff.

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