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Documentation This is a documentation subpage for Template:Scratch Mod (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This is a template for Scratch Modifications and sometimes Scratch Extensions. It is used in the following format:

{{Scratch Mod
|name = Name of the mod
|image = The file name of the logo of the mod or a similar identifying image (without File: prefix)
|imagewidth = Width of the image (if larger than template default) 
|version = Current version of the mod
|os = Operating systems that can run the mod
|purpose = Purpose of the mod
|devs = People involved in developing the mod
|opensource = Is the source available?
|prolanguage = Programming language the mod is written in (usually Squeak)
|released = Has it been released to the public yet?
|scratchversion = Scratch versions compatible with the mod
|website = Official website (link)
|topicnumber = If there is a forum in the Scratch 1.4 archive, the number following
|newtopicnumber = If there is a forum in the Scratch 2.0 forums, the number following
|active = Is it still active?
|repo = If it is open source, where is the source code? (e.g. github)

None are mandatory, but if "name" is not specified, it will give the page name instead, which ends with "(Scratch Modification)."


Fake Scratch

Fake Scratch
Version 3.14
Operating Systems UNIVAC, Mac OS XLVII, Windows 8+, iOS 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375, Android 9.4.11
Purpose for creation To call 911 and make the Alberta government angry via ridiculous prank calls
Developer(s) People involved in developing the mod
Open source? No (as of January 23, 45 AD)
Programming language BananaScript
Released? Yes (as of January 1, 1 AD)
Compatible with
Official Website
Archived Forum Topic
2.0 Forum Topic
Active Yes
Open Source Repository Sorry, this is classified information

Fake Scratch is a mod. Its most notable difference from Scratch is a block that automatically dials all valid phone numbers in a list and automatically crashes the system through infinite recursion if there are none.

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