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Welcome to the suggestions page for Wiki Wednesday articles!

What is Wiki Wednesday?

Main page: Test-Scratch-Wiki:Wiki Wednesday

Wiki Wednesday is a Scratch News series run by the Scratch Team with suggestions from wiki editors, and is used to feature an article from the Scratch Wikis on the last Wednesday of every month in different languages. Each of the updates are posted on the Scratch News tab, and the Announcements forum.

What should a Wiki Wednesday article include?

Good Wiki Wednesday articles should:

  • Include images
  • Follow Wiki guidelines
  • Have relatively detailed content

How do I suggest an article?

Simply choose a language below (by clicking on it), then click the pencil and choose "new section"! When suggesting your article, make sure to include the name of the article (obviously) and a short explanation of why you think it merits a feature.

Other info

For accepted Wiki Wednesday article discussions, see here.

With that, suggest away!

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