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The Language Category.

The Language Forums is a group of forums in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can discuss Scratch in other languages and discuss the translation of the Scratch interface.

The Forums

There are two types of forums: Forums for discussing Scratch in languages other than English, and a forum for discussing the translation of the Scratch interface.

The Languages

There are forums for the following languages:

In each, there is a stickied topic called [Language name] only forum, with the message

Please post only messages in [Language] in this forum. Other messages will be moved or removed. Thanks for being respectful.

Also please note that this forum is not intended for practicing foreign language skills - it is for the convenience of non-English speaking Scratchers. It is okay to answer posts, if you can be helpful, but do not use the forums simply to practice your language skills. Thanks again Forum Smiley - Smile.png

An example can be seen here.

If a Scratcher wishes to discuss Scratch in a language that does not have its own forum, s/he can propose for the language to be made into its own forum in the Translating Scratch forums. Once a language gets enough support there, a forum will be made for it. In the meanwhile, a Scratcher may use the Other Languages forum to post in other languages.


Languages Forums are mostly used by Scratch communities of non English speaking countries. The French and Japanese speaking Scratch communities are most active in their forums. The German Scratch community has also a German wiki here. Some language forums are not very active; most native English speaking Scratchers do not accurately know those languages, and would rather post in the original English forums.

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