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The following table lists all officially announced updates since the release of Scratch 2.0 to both the program and website. The updates are ordered from most recent to oldest.

Note Note: Some explanations may be of what was wrong, what is new, or what was changed or fixed; the interpretation of each factor to the updates listed may vary.
Year Month Day Update(s)
2019 January 2 The editor and project pages were updated to Scratch 3.0.
2018 July 20 Some pages such as the Message page and the What's Happening? section changed. "Load More" button got larger and all links became bold.[1]
2018 April 21 The Recently Shared Projects row at the front page was removed.[2]
2018 February 15 Cloud Data can have 128 characters at most, and hexadecimal numbers are prohibited.[3]
2017 September 9 Messages page updated to look smoother and work better on mobile devices. Message filters are also added, and the alerts tab is removed. Messages system on server is also redesigned to work faster.[4]
2017 July 5 Link to Help page removed from the Header in favour of the new Tips Page. The Discuss button was removed from the header due to the fact that there was not enough space for the Search bar in other languages.[5]
2016 March 1 Broadcasts can now be renamed.
2016 February 18 Added the go to random position block.
2016 January 29 New Paint Editor feature called the “Magic Wand” tool. The Magic Wand can now scribble on the parts of the photo that need to be kept. Check it out in the Scratch image editor.
2015 December 21 Videos up to 60 seconds of your project can now be recorded. In the Scratch editor, from the File menu, select “Record Project Video.” (A user account must be signed in to see this option.) Additional recording options can be chosen (such as recording sound and mouse clicks) through the “More Options” menu. Then, run the project. Once the recording is done, follow the instructions to download the file to a computer. Depending on what type of computer is used, another program may need to be downloaded (e.g. VLC Media Player) to play the file. This file will run on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, but may need to be converted for other websites like Twitter or Tumblr.
2015 October 26 On this day, the Scratch Team launched the first of many upgrades to the look and feel of the Scratch website. Before this day, it took a lot of work for the servers to run Scratch. From then on, a lot of that work happened in the delivery of the content, rather than by the servers. This meant that Scratch should start to load and run faster.

Separately, the design of the website had begun to be updated so that it’s easier to use. A new navigation bar was released (at the top of the homepage screen) - and it would soon appear elsewhere on the site.

2015 September 28 Tips window should look better for Hebrew and Arabic languages, Improved color collision in Editor, Improvement to undo and redo in paint editor, Improve search bar length – it will change dynamically to fill available size, Added “Race to Finish” tutorial in Editor
2015 September 3 A new version of the Scratch Offline editor was released, fixing several bugs, including the “white screen” problem affecting Linux users.
2015 August 11 An update to the LEGO WeDo & PicoBoard plugins was released. The new plugins improved USB compatibility on Windows, including Windows 10. The plugin could be downloaded here:
2015 August 7 There was an update to the Front Page Curator program: the shift length was decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week, to make room for the high number of applications.
2015 July 15
  • Added ‘About’ tab in the navigation bar
  • Added a project filter based on language to the Explore page (i.e. the Explore page would display projects in one's own language.)
  • Fixed embedding YouTube videos in forum posts
  • Fixed tips window not re-opening after selecting sprite or backdrop
2015 June 8 Fixes to Tips Window, 2 new music loops in editor “Dance around” & “Dance Magic”, Fixed translation bugs around website
2015 May 13 Stats page additions and cleanups, Fixed broken `Draft` checkbox. (it wouldn't allow checking), fixed crash issues in editor, updated email confirmation banner to point to the FAQ page.
2015 April 16 Features: Revised the design for the Tips Window, Updated the Statistics page to include more information and new graph features

Bug Fixes: Fixed: An issue where pen was skipping points and leaving holes in drawings, Fixed: 0.0 now equals 0 where it used to be treated as a very small number

2015 March 25 Bug Fixes

Fixed: Missing Translations in Editor Fixed: French user cannot register Fixed: WeDo extension doesn't work on first connection Fixed: Users see server down page for homepage Fixed: Small issues around SSL

2015 March 5 Fixed tips window not re-opening after selecting sprite or backdrop.
2015 February 13 After a new account is created, sharing and posting is diabled until the email address associated with the account is confirmed; Featured Project panel on one's profile is now customizable and usable with 6 different presets; a new tutorial added that's special for Valentine's Day as well as new heart sprites; and from now on, password confirmation is needed to delete projects in the Trash permanently[6]
2015 January 20 Offline editor able to open language set in settings; default eraser larger; MP3 sounds import with proper name rather than instance; escaped characters show up in search; studio and forum show local time; edits made to hip-hop media; added virtual pet tutorial[7]
2014 December 17 Added 7 new dance music loops, 6 new percussion sounds and 4 new dance sprites to the editor; fixed broken images in account deletion emails; and edited some admin stuff.[8]
2014 December 1 Added the ability to delete one's account on one's own; fixed broken link to ScratchED and studio add/remove confirmation failures; pop-ups are no longer stuck behind editor in Firefox; redesigned 404 Page with designerd's drawings; and disabled the links to websites with unmoderated chat.[9]
2014 November 12 Added new assets to Scratch Sprite, Background and Sound Library; optimized graphics rendering in the editor; added New Pong game tutorial into Project Editor Tips; and created a new page called Scratch Press that shows news articles about Scratch from the newspapers.[10]
2014 October 29 Fixed Chrome keyboard lag bug and wrong remix count of top remixed projects bug in What the Community is Remixing; disabled invalid characters from erasing comments; disabled the ability to report one's own projects, comments, and studios; added "Be honest" principle to Community Guidelines and grey frames around each sprite thumbnail in the editor; and some administration-related stuff changed.[11]
2014 October 15 Some back end updates to make the website faster; and announced a spike in traffic from Europe Code Week - a week dedicated to coding activities like making apps, websites, etc.[12]
2014 September 24 The following count, followers count, and profile comment count was removed from profile pages. Projects from studios that were deleted also won't show up in the Projects in Studios I'm Following row anymore, as that was a bug.[13]
2014 September 11 Updated comment timing structure; some backend updates to Google Custom Search; disabled featuring another user's project on some user's profile and leaving a comment over 500 characters; the editor won't trigger video motion hat when sprite is hidden; incorrected script highlights when clicking see inside; and added autoscrolling while dragging.[14]
2014 August 27 New Scratch Team member, petrichord joined to Scratch Team and added to the Credits Page; added the ability to delete the comment before someone replies; fixed the glitch of reporting that a user removes himself/herself in studio activity; and some admin stuff changed.[15]
2014 August 13 Updated Scratch Download Page and a couple FAQ entries; added 'Scratch Family' section to footer; fixed broken project tags, block editor label glitch and Scratch 1.4 sprite imports; remix panel won't display if there are no remixes on a project; show search query on search results; bunch of little admin things changed; added tabbing between inputs in scripts option; and more fixes.[16]
2014 July 23 Content storage tweaks for faster page loading; studios now will display "100+" for the project total if over 100; near 70 bug fixes in the project editor.[17]
2014 July 9 Shrink and grow tools should be sticky in bitmap editor bug paint editor; Make grow/shrink tools sticky in bitmap editor; Change "cleanup" to "clean up" bug script editor UX; Fix size of progress box when loading project; Loading project dialog box looks huge bug UX; Fixed renaming sprite breaking script references to that sprite; Clicking within the stage should not switch to Stage UX; Removed selecting Stage by double-clicking; Recursive procedures cannot be deleted without removing internal references bug prio-low script editor; Allow deleting procedures with recursive references; Can not choose colors from Stage in 3D bug; Fix choosing colors in 3D; Offline editor share dialog needs (x) or cancel button bug; Sprites can have the same name bug; Renaming a sprite does not change references to the old sprite name bug script editor; Renaming sound should update references to that sound bug script editor; Fixed renaming sound breaking references to that sound; Script keeps running after being 'thrown away' bug; No delete option for custom blocks bug; Fixed scripts running after they were deleted and added delete item to procedure hat context menu; Fixed orphaned comment bug; Orphaned script comment bug bug script editor UX; If-else block not scaling to text in Polish translation bug script editor; Fixed else label overflowing in some languages; Not enough space for labels bug script editor; Fixed overlap of labels in procedure editor in certain languages; Comments are scaled incorrectly while they are being dragged bug script editor; Fixed comments being scaled incorrectly when picked up; Phantom blocks created by drag-and-drop on stage bug script editor; Made blocks keep track of their full state when grabbed; Duplicate script and drop into other sprite bug bug script editor UX; Dragging from a C block to an invalid position breaks layout bug script editor; Color touching block can not be dropped after duplication bug script editor; Shadow is removed when a hat runs while being dragged bug; Create broadcast message enhancement; Backpack saving multiple copies of sprites dragged from Stage bug UX; Fixed duplication when dragging media into the backpack; "of" block does not update when Stage is selected bug script editor; Costume center tool does not save exactly bug paint editor; Fixed rounding costume center coordinates in vector mode; Fixed dragging "when Stage clicked" into a sprite; Fixed not being able to drop block when color picker was under mouse; Fixed shadow disappearing when a script runs while being dragged; Fixed broadcasts created in palette not being accessible via menu; Fixed incorrect caching in primVarSet and primVarChange; Make attribute block update when switching sprites[18]
2014 June 18 Back-end updates; redesign of the tips windows; new images in the built-in libraries; various editor fixes[19]
2014 June 4 Increased minimum list watcher size; fixed watcher checkbox when hiding list from context menu; fixed inputs on blocks from not appearing when zoomed; list delete button; "Add" button added to the paint editor; display of numbers in list watchers fixed; improved list navigation; fixed CLRF or CR file importing; list improvements; MP3 uploading fixed; fixed an erroneous argument change in the stop () block; double-click variable watcher to change style; fixed context menus for showing hidden lists; fixed formatting and dispose handling in GIF decoder; button to import costume from library; fixed variables with name "—" not appearing in context menu; fixed spacing of C blocks whose sub stacks end with terminals; fixed scripts in palette running after a category switch; proper url encoding for extensions; save image of stage; reporter shows value on click; insert metadata into Contact Us message; new Terms of Use; updated footer[20]
2014 May 22 Fixed unnecessary scroll bar in editor window; input promoted when reporting studios and profiles; new ways of storing and loading images; small updates[21]
2014 April 10 Offline editor fixed to be compatible with newer Adobe Air updates[22]
2014 March 20 Load time speed optimization; added block letters A to Z to image library; tweaks to step-by-step intro; fixes for black background on Intel HD 3000 Graphics; green flag overlay; green flag not triggering all proper scripts; fixed text in the when this sprite clicked block; new hardware acceleration implementation for color effects; dragging sprite to backpack disappearing fixed[23]
2014 February 13 Simplified profile reporting; better spam-stopping; better logging of errors; fix for posting projects on Facebook[24]
2014 February 6 Paginization of studio activity; country changeable in account settings; Scratchers can remove their own projects from any studios; faster project page loading; curators row has link to curator thread; fix for old accounts not being able to view parts of the forums[25]
2014 January 10 Meta descriptions to profiles, projects, and home page; ordering of projects in bottom explore bar fixed; tooltips for links below project player point up instead of down; in-project-page bug report system for the beta player; speed optimizations[26]
2013 October 3 Faster comment loading; more cached data; project views shown on the Explore page; backend speedups[27]
2013 September 27 Site speed optimizations; follow button not present in closed forum discussions; globe button in forums for pasting computer information; prevention of spamming notifications during repetitive events; semicolon glitch fixed; deleted projects do not show on profile pages; thumbnails of projects in conjunction in different locations; more static homepage images from the cdn; fixed the "blank project" bug; fixed 0 messages indicator; clicking a project tag opens an Explore page of similar projects; search by tag in the Explore page; translation updates[28]
2013 September 17 Progress toward fixing the graphic effects slowdown; more accurate message count; messages display a small substring of comments; forum topics can be followed[29]
2013 August 30 Work toward the Pixelbender slowdown progressing[30]
2013 August 22 Optimizations made to the website for future features; progressing work on speeding up graphic effects; shortcut, handy URL to create a new project; "Step-by-Step Intro" easier to navigate for different-sized screens[31]
2013 August 8 Trimming the white space from the beginning to end of new variable names; duplicate costume or backdrop names not allowed; fixed issues with variables and lists having the same name; backend changes[32]
2013 August 1 Donegal font added to paint editor; behind-the-scenes updates to the offline editor and statistics page (unreleased at the time)[33]
2013 July 25 Project data sent to the server is checked to be valid JSON first; helper text pages with comments able to be translated; reduced number of queries on home page; better comment filtration; styling fix to comment box container; non-logged-in users can drag the scroll bar on long studio comments; "change" button for studio thumbnail placed at the top; when commenting is disables, "reply" does not appear[34]
2013 July 18 Larger remix tree project thumbnails; quicker mouse-hover reactions in remix trees; mousing-over of chains of projects to look at them; more fonts; colon added to private variable monitors between sprite name and variable name; translation issue fixes; ability to disable commenting; code rewritten for messaging system; new API to the censoring system; expansion of censoring to project and profile text entry areas; Firefox studio image changing fixed; New Scratcher invitation to become a Scratcher issue fixed[35]

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