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This is Apple502j's essay.

The Japanese Scratch-Wiki is so popular and independent. The front page has more than 3000 views a month, and there are 413 articles and 104 users. I'm an admin in this wiki and wrote more than 150 articles.

What did I do?

This wiki was made on March 23,2015, according to the history of old front page. I joined it on July 6, 2016. At that time it had about 120 articles and 25 users, but active users were only three.

I began a project named "Easy-Guide". This guide tells New Scratchers can learn Scratch. It has a lot of charts and rubies in hiragana.

After I became an admin, I usually do the sysops' works, but still translate. For example, when the 3.0 preview FAQ is shared, then I translated it and shared it in the Wiki.

What do we have?

A lot of block articles had been translated, so I have translated about Scratch Program and Scratch Website. But not all the articles were translated - some articles are independent or written by myself. I have made some templates, too.

Japanese Scratch-Wiki is also the host of the Japanese forum's notice. The topics are closed, so nobody can edit anymore, but the real page is in the Wiki, so the rules can be changed.