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A game project is a 专案 that features user interaction (gameplay). They have always been one of the most popular types of projects on the Scratch 官网, thus causing the word "game" to be one of the most commonly used 专案标签.

While most 游戏类专案 are original, some of them are emulations and parodies of popular video games (such as Super Mario Bros, Pac-man, and Pong).



Scrollers are a kind of project where the background and objects "scroll", or move along the screen, when being scrolled up, or down. Usually, the player will stay on the same X coordinate, but often a "jumping feature" will allow the player to change their Y coordinate, upon a keyboard interaction. These projects commonly have an opposing AI, often called "enemies", and platforms, in which allows the player to travel upwards, or downwards depending on the elevation of the platform.


Main article: Platformer

A more commonly used type of game, platformers are games where you "jump" along the Y coordinate, or travel upwards on platforms to achieve a particular goal, often sending the user to the next "level" of gameplay. Some platformers also take on the aspect of scrollers.


Main article: RPG Projects

RPG Projects are games where the user is sent to fight pieces of opposing AI, or "enemies", with preset actions to take, or "attacks" as they are commonly put. Often, one will have "companions" that will help during one of the stages of attacks.


The goal of tycoon games is to get as much "money" or whatever currency is described in that particular game as possible. You are usually required to buy upgrades, to advance as to get more money.


Main article: Maze

Mazes are a common form of game type projects, as they tend to be particularly easy to program. A common form of maze creation involves barriers in which if come in contact with another sprite, will send that particular sprite being controlled by the user, to the beginning of that stage of game-play. Other variations simply do not let the user go through the walls.






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