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Animation Hall of Fame was a Scratch Studio for animations. In March 2014, the Scratch Team was asked to change the name of the studio. The request was made by the Animation Hall of Fame museum, due to trademark law. The Scratch Team disagreed with the proposal, but did so anyways, to avoid a legal battle.[1] The studio's name is now Scratch Hall of Fame - Animation.


In a Google search for "Animation Hall of Fame", the museum's website is the first result, but the Scratch studio was also listed. The museum apparently viewed this as a violation of their trademark, and asked the Scratch Team to change the name. On March 13, the Scratch Team originally renamed it to "Scratch Animation Hall of Fame",[2] but received more complaints from the museum.[3] The name was therefore changed to "Scratch Hall of Fame - Animation".


On March 20, the Scratch Team posted an announcement explaining what happened, and their view. Most Scratchers supported the Scratch Team's position, with some even saying that they would boycott the museum.[4][5] Some users joked about it, creating ridiculous-sounding headlines.[6] Comparisons were also made to when NAMCO Bandai asked the Scratch Team to remove a Pac-Man project.[7][8]

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