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Version 0.3
Operating Systems Windows
Developer(s) eribetra
Open source? Yes
Programming language Squeak
Released? Yes
Compatible with Scratch 1.4
Official Website
2.0 Forum Topic
Active Mostly not

Blockode[1] is a Scratch Modification created by eribetra based on Scratch 1.4. Its main purpose is to add more blocks to the Scratch interface.

New Blocks

Blockode has 14 new blocks and a new category called Others.


  • point towards x (10) y (10) :: motion
    points towards the specified x and y position.


  • make a clone of myself :: control
    delete this clone
    makes and deletes a clone (has no use, no "when I start as a clone" block).


  • change costume by (1) :: looks
    changes costume by a specified number.
  • change stretch by (10) :: looks
    stretches the sprite by a specified amount.
  • set stretch to (100)% :: looks
    sets the amount of stretch of the sprite to a specified number.



  • double (10) :: operators reporter
    says the double of the specified number (ex. double (2) inputs 4).
  • true :: operators boolean
    false :: operators boolean
    inputs true or false (also in BYOB and Snap!)
  • if <> then [] else [] :: operators reporter
    if the boolean is true, it will input the first string; else, it will input the second string.

Others (new category)

  • open a website with URL []  :: sensing
    opens your default browser in the specified URL.

Future Development

There may be a version 0.4.

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