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This page lists all completed Scratch Modifications known to this wiki. Please note that it does not include incomplete nor pre-release mods.

Mod Share is a website where Scratch modifications and projects made in them can be shared and played online.

























Note Note: Only one reference per modification is given. To find more, do a search.
  1. powerpoint56. (17/6/2013). "Branch, a Scratch 1.4 mod, is back!"
  2. pwiter. (2/9/2010). "New Mod coming!!!!!(claook)[title]"
  3. johnnydean1. (14/4/2011). "Well Claw is my mod, started it ages ago and its done!"
  4. FateForWindows. (28/5/2015). "It is called “Code X”."
  5. Magnie. (7/9/2009). "Emerald is a text version of Scratch."
  6. clintonb. (1/11/2010). "I'd like to introduce a new mod -- Enchanting."
  7. scratcher7_13. (26/3/2011). "I made a Scratch Mod called Fission."
  8. davidkt. (8/4/2014). "Float, Scratch 2.0 Mod.[title]"
  9. cs293450. (28/4/2016). "GabMod, a new scratch mod.[title]"
  10. bbbeb. (30/3/2011). "Here's Ghost."
  11. djdolphin. (18/10/2014). "Gingerline, a backwards-compatible Scratch 2.0 mod.[title]"
  12. WindowsExplorer. (19/6/2011). "I just created a new mod called Gopher!"
  13. fetchydog567. (18/11/2012). "Go Lucky - My New Mod.[title]"
  14. shadowmouse. (9/3/2013). "The mod is called Gloop."
  15. superben100. (1/4/2016). "Introducing HopFoot! A new Scratch 2.0 mod!"
  16. johnnydean1. (15/12/2010). "I built a mod."
  17. djdolphin. (22/5/2014). "Jackalope, Scratch 2.0 Mod.[title]"
  18. jimmyscratchlab. (26/1/2011). "My mod--JNXT."
  19. GP1. (26/3/2011). "Kitcat is a mod."
  20. meew0. (9/5/2010). "Line - The most useless Scratch mod ever!"
  21. meew0. (28/4/2010). "Lion - A scratch mod.[title]"
  22. rubiks_cube_guy238. (10/5/2011). "Decide a name for the mod. DONE (LogoBlox)"
  23. ssss. (17/11/2011). 'I'm making a mod called "Lring".'
  24. roijac. (9/7/2013). "M30W - Code Scratch with Scratchblocks![title]"
  25. shamrocker. (2/6/2010). "Material is my new Scratch Mod."
  26. jslomba. (14/6/2011). "my mod, MegaMod (or MM)."
  27. kittenizator. (11/6/2010). "It will be called Miaow"
  28. Rosie906. (12/6/2011). "Help with the development Of Patch - My mod![title]"
  29. bendad. (11/7/2010). "I'm going to make a new mod. It is called Peak."
  30. henley. (7/5/2010). "Peck is yet another modification to Scratch."
  31. IAP-Reloaded. (5/2/2016). "QWERTY 2 - Scratch 2.0 Mod[title]"
  32. williambl. (17/5/2011). [no good quote available, but the name is mentioned plenty of times]
  33. gbear605. (23/5/2011). "Rocket (RKT) Mod[title]"
  34. NoMod-Programming. (31/3/2015). "S1mple, Scratch Mod[title]"
  35. rdococ. (29/3/2011). "Scat - Discussion Thread[title]"
  36. gbear605. (6/5/2011). "Scraft is a mod I'm making."
  37. _nix. (9/12/2016). "Scrap, a Scratch 2.0 mod"
  38. XComputers. (5/7/2011). "Scratch Advanced is a mod I came up with."
  39. AmoebaMan. (15/4/2010). "Scribe 1.0 - a new scratch mod that has it all[title]"
  40. User:sonicjosh#My Scratch Mod
  41. rubiks_cube_guy238. (1/10/2010). "Shriek- My Scratch Mod![title]"
  42. whizzer. (28/5/2011). "SLant is my mod."
  43. songhead95. (11/8/2009). "Scratch SoftDev SDK[title]"
  44. TuragaTreeko. (11/7/2011). "I am making a MOD! It is called SpiderWeb."
  45. GP1. (2/6/2011). "I am making a Scratch mod based on Scratch 1.2 called Spiral"
  46. TheGameMaster1231. (4/5/2010). "Squirrel- My New Mod![title]"
  47. stickdude123. (29/7/2010). "im going to make a new scratch on the name is star truss"
  48. PlayWithFire. (27/4/2010). "Swipe - based on byob[title]"
  49. thebuilderdd. (8/4/2011). "Another Scratch mod is here! It is "Tackle"!"
  50. developdood. (17/8/2010). "Theblocksmod - a new mod of Scratch[title]"
  51. SJRCS_011. (24/11/2011). "I am interested in making a Scratch modification called Tiger."
  52. co13. (8/4/2013). "I'm making a mod called TigerBuild1.5."
  53. msdosdude. (19/12/2010). "Its [sic] called Useful Itch."
  54. samtwheels. (8/7/2011). "Webber, my mod![title]"
  55. NoMod-Programming. (8/8/2015). "Whiskers: Scratch 2.0 for Incompatible Devices[title]"
  56. zorket. (22/4/2011). "I have it's name in, and it's called: X-Ray Eyes"
  57. ssss. (22/7/2011). "Zambya!  The next generation of scratch based software!"


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