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The Community Guidelines.
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The Scratch Community Guidelines (often abbreviated CG or CGs) are the official set of guidelines that tell Scratchers how to act appropriately on the Scratch Website. There are other etiquette rules that should be followed, but are not part of the Community Guidelines.

The Community Guidelines used to be called "Terms of Use". The name was changed because "Terms of Use" gave the impression of a long piece of "technical jargon".[1]


The guidelines have been summed into six simple guidelines, as the Scratch Team is aware that many people dislike reading pieces of text.

The guidelines can be read below, but the full text is available here.


  • Be respectful. When sharing projects or posting comments, remember that people of many different ages and backgrounds will see what you’ve shared.
  • Be constructive. When commenting on other’s projects, say something you like about it and offer suggestions.
  • Share. You are free to remix projects, ideas, images, or anything else you find on Scratch – and anyone can use anything that you share. Be sure to give credit when you remix.
  • Keep personal info private. For safety reasons, do not use real names or post contact info like phone numbers or addresses.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to impersonate other Scratchers, spread rumors, or otherwise try to trick the community.
  • Help keep the site friendly. If you think a project or comment is mean, insulting, too violent, or otherwise inappropriate, click “Report” to let us know about it.

Scratch Team at MIT[2]

Broken Rules

When a rule is broken by a Scratcher, the Scratcher receives an alert from the Scratch Team. After multiple messages, a user may be banned, or blocked temporarily, or (in case of a serious offense) even permanently. The Community Guidelines also show up on the ban page.[3]

If somebody else has broken a rule, such as being aggressive and horrible towards a user, the Scratch Team has stated clearly[4] that responding to it in the same kind of manner will also count as breaking the community guidelines, and both accounts may be banned. Instead, Scratchers are encouraged to report the comment.


The Community Guidelines can be accessed from the footer on the bottom of every page on the Scratch Website and the Scratch Wiki.

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