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Create Clone of ()
2.0 Create Clone of ().png
Category Control
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The Create Clone of () block is a control block and a stack block. It creates a clone of the sprite in the argument. It can also clone the sprite it is running in, creating clones of clones, recursively.


The old block, Create Clone

In the Scratch Day 2011 pre-alpha, this block was called Create Clone, with no argument. As such, it could only create a clone of the sprite it ran in; not others. The advantage of an argument is that a single sprite, or the Stage, can clone several different sprites upon an event.

Example Uses

Cloning is often used when a sprite must make copies of itself. Below are some examples:

  • Unlimited bullets in a shooting game
when [space v] key pressed
create clone of [bullet v]
when I start as a clone
go to [player v]
point towards [mouse-pointer v]
repeat until < <touching [edge v]?> or <touching [target v]?> >
 move (3) steps
delete this clone
  • Creating several copies of a sprite to click
when gf clicked
set [sprites to find v] to [10]
repeat (sprites to find)
 create clone of [Sprite1 v]
when I start as a clone
wait until <<mouse down?> and <touching [mouse-pointer v]?>>
say [You got me!] for (2) secs
change [sprites to find v] by (-1)

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