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When I Start as a Clone
2.0 When I start as a clone.png
Category Control
Type Hat
Introduced in 2.0

The When I Start as a Clone block is a control block and a Hat block. It was originally called Clone Startup, but was likely renamed to clear up confusion on what the block did. It activates in a clone when it gets created.

In Scratch 2.0, this is the only Hat block in the Control palette; all the others are in Events, Motor, or PicoBoard.

The original name of the block

Example Uses

Clones are often meant to do an action when created, rather than waiting for a different event. They allow for multiple copies of a sprite without having to duplicate it and all its properties. When I Start as a Clone is the hat block of the scripts that will perform in the clone once it is created. There can be multiple of this block in the same sprite; the clone will just run all of the scripts simultaneously. The script itself can be running on multiple clones at once. Some of such actions that this block can perform include:

  • Position a clone randomly
when I start as a clone
go to x: (pick random (-240) to (240)) y: (pick random (-180) to (180))

In reading this, when the clone is created, it will set its x and y position to any location on the stage.

  • Make a clone travel until colliding with another sprite
when I start as a clone
repeat until <touching [sprite 2 v]?>
move (3) steps

In reading this, the clone will travel until It hits the specified sprite, in this case "sprite 2". This is useful in game where objects must be launched in attempt to collide with another sprite.

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