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The interface for editing the block colors

Edit Block Colors is a menu available in Scratch 2.0 for changing the colors of blocks by category. It is only accessible by shift-clicking the Edit menu. Due to a bug, the colors revert to the defaults when a project is shared or opened.


The interface is user-friendly and has slider bars as well as number inputs used for setting the hue, saturation, and brightness of a color. There are:

  • 360 hues
  • 101 saturation values
  • 101 brightness (shade) values

Setting the Category

When applying a specific category, it only applies for one, the selected block category. In the top-right, one can edit which category the color will fall under. However, along with the ten regular categories, there are three other options:

Saving and Loading

Although these options are visible, loading block colors does not always work properly. Block colors can be saved to one's computer with the "Save" button in the top-left. When loading block colors, the color will switch to the default color of the selected category. The extension of the file type is .colors, although some browsers save it as a .bin file.

Applying Colors

When finished setting a particular color, one can apply that color to the specified category by clicking "Apply". Once done, the block colors editor will stay open, though the colors of the category change.

Sharing Colors

There is a forum thread on Scratch where users can share their color files.

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