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Events blocks is one of the ten categories of Scratch 2.0 blocks. They are color-coded brown and are used to sense events, which trigger scripts to run. Event blocks are essential for every project: without the hat blocks from this category, a project would not be able to begin except by manually running scripts. There are currently six Hat blocks and two Stack blocks in this category, making it the smallest category of blocks.


Prior to Scratch 2.0, all of the Events blocks that were in Scratch 1.4 were under the Control blocks category. Initially after being given their own category, it was called "Triggers" in the Experimental Viewer and early versions of Scratch 2.0. However, the name was changed by Scratch Day 2012 to "Events". Events originally also included "scene" blocks, in which a script could trigger a new scene to begin and sprites or the stage could respond to the new scene. However, these were very similar to the broadcasting blocks, and were most likely removed due to repetition and confusion.


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Scratch 2.0 has the following six Event Hat blocks:

Scratch 2.0 has the following two Event Stack blocks:

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