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You cannot request your own projects to featured, though you can suggest someone else's project to be featured.

Users are allowed to recommend projects to be featured in a forum thread in the Scratch Forums.

The forum thread lists what the Scratch Team is looking for:

  • Simple projects
  • Complex projects
  • Projects that show an innovative use of Scratch
  • Projects that promote collaboration and remixing
  • Projects that show diversity in the Scratch Community, such as gender, age, culture, country, interests, and so on
  • Projects that different kind of people would find enjoyable
  • Projects that inspire

There are restrictions as well; one can not submit a project if it:

  • Was created by you (the most commonly violated condition)
  • Was created by someone who has been on the front page already in the past two months, excluding the Newest Projects and Scratch Design Studio sections of the front page
  • Uses media (music, images, and so on) from a commercial entity
  • Has received more than 100 loveits already
  • Contains violence
  • Contains language inappropriate for any age
  • Is a copy of a commercial game or story; however, it is okay if it was inspired by it (this is plagiarism/piracy)
  • Has been on the front page already, excluding Newest Projects or the Scratch Design Studio rows
  • Does not work well online

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