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The Scratch Design Studio section on the front page.

The Scratch Design Studio (commonly abbreviated SDS) is a themed studio, featured on the Front Page, that is changed approximately every month. These themes can range from holiday celebrations to underwater scenes, sports, and much more. The current theme is "Eng:Scratch Design Studio/Current Studio".[1]

Scratch Design Studio from version 1.4.


The Scratch Design Studio was originally called "Scratch Club", until June 22 or 23, 2008.[2] The Scratch Club galleries were shown in the same area that Design Studio galleries are. Club galleries were not all by a certain user, however.

On May 31, 2009, the Scratch Design Studio Row (formerly Projects from Scratch Design Studio) was added to the Front Page.[3] It showcases some projects from the current studio.

On March 31, 2016, it was announced that the Scratch Design Studio would finally end and concluded with the final studio, "The Last SDS".[4] This was later revealed to be an April Fools joke.

How it Works

Scratchers can share projects and submit them with links in the comment section of the Scratch Design Studio, where Scratch Team members and some priveledged Scratchers will add the projects they deem fit to the studio. Scratch Design Studio Curators are Scratchers who can add projects. SDS helpers can't add projects, but can help the studio in other ways. There were previous curators who are currently inactive and have left. All moderators and the Scratch Team have the ability to add projects as well but generally only do so when extra help is needed.

When loaded, the Scratch front page will randomly select twenty projects from the studio and display them in the row titled Scratch Design Studio - 'SDS theme'. When the page is refreshed, a new group is chosen. Users may only have one of their own projects added to the Design Studio per theme.

SDS curators, in addition to their privileges of managing the studio, can also choose themes (with the help of the Scratch Team), help find new curators when needed, have access to curate the "Propose SDS Themes" studio, and provide feedback to the theme idea projects.

A new design studio generally comes out every month, albeit occasionally earlier or later. Some design studios have lasted up to two months.[5] Studios are first discussed by Scratch Design Studio Curators in the Scratch Design Studio forum (see next section) before being approved by the Scratch Team. A Studio requires at least 7 seed projects before being featured as the next SDS on the front page as was revealed by SDS Curator 4LeafClovR.


The Scratch Design Studio row on the Front Page.

The Scratch Design Studio row (formerly "Projects from Scratch Design Studio"), also abbreviated as the SDS row, is the section on the Front Page that shows projects from the current Scratch Design Studio. It displays a random selection of projects from the studio each time the page is loaded.[6] Projects are added by Scratch Design Studio curators, but only after they have been approved and deemed appropriate for the current design studio.

This section is the fourth row from the top.

SDS Forum

Upon becoming an SDS Curator, one will have access to the private SDS forum. It is used to talk about things related to the SDS; such as new studios, possible curators, ideas, and features.

An image of the private SDS forum

Past Themes

Main article: Scratch Design Studio/Studios

There have currently been a total of

The list of Scratch Design Studio studios in Scratch 1.4

The Scratch Design Studio is a themed studio that is changed approximately every month, sometimes even longer.[7] There have currently been a total of 97 Scratch Design Studio studios.


They are as follows, from oldest to newest:

  1. Remix-a-thon[8](Remix a project in the studio)
  2. 8 Blocks[9] (Only can use the 8 blocks named in description)
  3. The Future of Scratch (Suggest some new things for Scratch)
  4. Haiku (Write a haiku)
  5. Mystery Games (Create a guessing game)
  6. Random Numbers (Use the Pick random () to () block)
  7. Seeing Words (Create a project telling the meaning of one of the words described in the description)
  8. Bizarro World (Create a world which is like the real world but has craziness)
  9. Try Scratch!
  10. Travel
  11. Our Planet
  12. Add a page
  13. Plans for 2009
  14. Rectangles
  15. Thank you
  16. Make some noise
  17. It's Alive!
  18. Scavenger Hunt
  19. Phone Call
  20. Deep Space
  21. Ask me
  22. Blooming Flowers
  23. 500000
  24. Front Page Design
  25. Help me!
  26. Shadows
  27. Happy Halloween!
  28. Lists, lists, lists
  29. Minifig Madness
  30. Sports Time
  31. Sing Song
  32. -oOo-Under the Sea-oOo-
  33. Patterns
  34. 1,000,000 Projects!
  35. oOo Graffiti oOo
  36. Recipes
  37. World Cup!
  38. Make your own animal
  39. Make your own robot
  40. Your favorite book
  41. Flight!
  42. Halloween 2010!
  43. Scratch Tutorial!~
  44. Oh! The Places You'll Go/Animated Poetry~ [10]
  45. Remix into 2011!
  46. ~Time Travel~
  47. TV Design Studio!
  48. Ultimate Birthday Party
  49. Loudness Lollapalooza!
  50. Scratch Day 2011 [11]
  51. Let me show you around... [12]
  52. Make A Computer
  53. It's over 2,000,000! [13]
  54. When I grow up... [14]
  55. Halloween 2011! [15]
  56. One Sprite, One Script.
  57. Interactive Pen Projects
  58. Do-It-Yourself!
  59. Carnival Games!
  60. All About Animals!
  61. Circles and Squares
  62. The Olympics 2012!
  63. 8 bit
  64. Halloween 2012!
  65. Super Heroes!
  66. 3,000,000 Projects~!
  67. Memories of Scratch 1.x
  68. Celebrate Pi Day![16]
  69. Why Do You Scratch?
  70. Scratch Doodle
  71. Inspired by a Song (Create a project inspired by a favorite song)
  72. Halloween 2013
  73. Celebrate 4,000,000 Projects!
  74. Holiday Foods
  75. New Year, New Resolutions (Create a project sharing resolutions for 2014)
  76. Interactive Sensor Projects!
  77. Celebrate 5,000,000 Projects!
  78. Interactive Sensor Projects
  79. Scratch Day 2014
  80. Creative Inventions
  81. Embrace Randomness [17]
  82. Create with these Characters[18]
  83. 10 Block Challenge[9]
  84. Creative Cloning (Use the cloning feature)
  85. Once Upon a Dinner... (Create a project of a dinner you would like to have)
  86. Create a Super Hero! (Make up a super hero)
  87. Scratch Around the World (Create a project telling the audience about a country)
  88. Create Your Own Planet! (Make up a planet and tell viewers what happens on it)
  89. Block Dance Party!
  90. Celebrate 10 Million Projects: Past, Present, Future.
  91. Custom Block Madness!
  92. Create Your Own Scratch Island
  93. Alice in Wonderland 150th Anniversary[19] (a celebration of Alice in Wonderland's 150th Anniversary)
  94. New Year's Celebration: Express 2016!
  95. Remix-A-Thon[8] (Remix one of the pre-made projects.)
  96. The Last SDS
  97. Make Music! (Create a music project)[20]
  98. In the Spotlight (Parody a film with Scratch characters)


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  10. The Design Studio, "Oh! The Places You'll Go," was originally named "Animated Poetry," but was changed within 24 hours to the new title, as people were submitting projects about any piece of poetry, whereas the Scratch Team only wanted projects about the poem, "Oh! The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.
  11. The Design Studio, "Scratch Day 2011," is different from all the rest. It was not made by the user ScratchDesignStudio, rather, it was created by scratchday. Also, it did not use the regular gallery notes. Instead, it said Quote Icon.png Quote:
    Author: scratchday
    Text:  What did you create on Scratch Day? Share your projects from Scratch Day events! 
    Source: "Scratch Day 2011" Design Studio
    Anyone could add projects to this gallery.
  12. The Design Studio "Let me show you around..." was originally called "Welcome! Let me show you around..." but was changed within 2 days, for an unknown reason.
  13. The Design Studio "It's over 2,000,000!" was changed to be "It's almost 2,000,000!" after complaints from people who said that it wasn't "over 2,000,000", but was changed back when the goal was achieved.
  14. The Design Studio "Dream Job" was changed to "When I Grow Up..." after the suggestion was made that the name would fit the studio better (see the first few comments on that gallery).
  15. The Design Studio "Halloween 2011" was mistakenly named "Halloween 2012" at the beginning. It was fixed within 2 days.
  16. This only lasted for one day.
  17. Although this studio was meant for projects containing the Pick Random block, it was confused with an Add Everything studio
  18. This Scratch Design Studio was created due to Creative Characters Camp. All Camp Counselors were were curators of this studio.
  19. This studio was not created by the user @ScratchDesignStudio. The SDS was be used as a sample studio for the 2015 Hour of Code activities.
  20. This was created in honor of the International Day of Jazz

themes. The current one is Eng:Scratch Design Studio/Current Studio.

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