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To make a new project while Scratch is open, click "Create" at the top of the website navigation bar. From there, the project can be designed in the Scratch 2.0 Online Editor. In the offline editor, access File > New project to create a new project.

You can also click "See project page" to edit the instructions and the Notes and Credits section; and you can click "Share" to share your project. Clicking will take you to the project's page, and there will be a green message above the project saying, "Your project is now shared."

A new project can also be created by going to this link or by going to "My Stuff" and clicking "New Project".

The Editor

Once you clicked the create button, it will bring you to the editor. There is where you can make your creation. Drag the blocks from the scripts tab, and put it into the blank area called the workspace. Click on the costumes or backdrops tab to create the sprites or background. Click the sounds tab to record, add, insert, or remove sounds the sprite can make.

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