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This eng is about the project organizer. For a profile page, see Profile Page. For a profile page in Scratch 1.4, see Profile Page (1.4).
A user's My Stuff, focused on the all projects section.

The My Stuff page is the project manager. From it, a Scratcher can control and view various aspects of projects and studios. Projects can be created, shared, edited, unshared, and deleted. Studios can be created, and projects can be added to them.


The header says "My Stuff". Floated to the right are two buttons: "+ New Project" and "+ New Studio". Beneath this is a bar with actions. There is a "Sort by" dropdown on the left. In this menu are different ways to sort the list. Projects can be sorted by last modified, views, loves, remixes, A-Z, and Z-A.

Content List

An entry in the project list, showing the thumbnail, title, modification date, and a see inside button.

The content list shows the content of the tab, either a list of projects or galleries. List items are separated by a thin line.

Below the title of a project or studio, it mentions the last modified date. With projects, it gives a See inside button, to edit the project.

At the bottom of the list, there is a Load More button, which loads more items into the selected view.


There are five tabs in the studio sidebar: All Projects, Shared Projects, Unshared Projects, My Studios, and Trash. After the title, it has the amount of projects/studios in the view in parentheses.

All Projects

This section merges the Unshared and Shared subsections, to view all current projects.

Shared Projects

On the right of a project, it shows statistics. From top to bottom: views, love-its, comments, remixes, favorites, and studios in.

This section lists projects shared by the creator.

In the center of the list of projects, there is a dropdown menu titled add to. Clicking this brings down a list of studio the user can add projects to.

On the right, it shows 6 of the project's statistics: views, remixes, love-its, favorites, comments, and studios in. Beneath these is a link to unshare.

Unshared Projects

The "share" button on an unshared project's page.

This section lists projects that have not been marked as "shared" by the creator.

On the right, there is a "share" button, and a "delete" link. Only unshared project can be deleted. A project can be shared either by clicking the share button here, or going to its page and clicking the share button.


The trash consists of unshared projects that have been "deleted" from the My Stuff page. At the trash, projects put back into the "Unshared Projects" category of My Stuff. The trash can also be sorted by various logical orders. Near the top of the trash is a header with a button on the right labeled "Empty Trash". Clicking this will permanately delete all projects in the trash after your enter your password. There is no way to permanately delete individual projects from the trash yet.

My Studios

Next to a studio thumbnail, it shows the project and comment counts.

This section lists studios created by the user.

Here, the "sort by" menu contains last modified, projects, comments, A-Z, and Z-A. There is also another menu, the filter menu. The title of the menu is the selected option, which is not shown in the menu. The options are all, owned by me, and curated by me.

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