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Insanity logo big.png
Version 1.2.1
Operating Systems Windows, Macintosh
Developer(s) jvvg
Open source? Yes [1]
Programming language Squeak
Released? Yes
Compatible with Scratch 1.4
Official Website
Archived Forum Topic

Insanity is a Scratch Modification by the user jvvg.


Motion blocks

  • Turn random () degrees //category=motion
  • Turn around //category=motion
  • Bounce off a vertical edge //category=motion
  • Bounce off a horizontal edge //category=motion

Control blocks

  • Stop all and press green flag //category=control
  • while :: cstart //category=control
  • loop :: cend //category=control

Looks blocks

  • <Visible?> // category=looks
  • go to layer [] //category=looks

Sensing blocks

  • (Color [some color]) //category=sensing

Operators blocks

  • <Random boolean> //category=operators
  • <boolean form of [something]> //category=operators
  • (string form of [something]) //category=operators
  • <true> //category=operators
  • <false> //category=operators
  • <[haystack] contains [needle]> //category=operators
  • (if <true> then [something] else [something else]) //category=operators
  • (if <true> then <true> else <false>) //category=operators
  • (characters [1] to [3] of [something]) //category=operators
  • ([a string] [shuffled v]) //category=operators
    (reversed, shuffled, uppercase, lowercase)
  • split [] at character [] into list [] //category=operators

Variables blocks

  • move variable [variable v] to x: () y: () //category=variables
  • set style of [a variable v] to [normal v] //category=variables

List blocks

  • show list [ v] // category=list 
  • hide list [ v] // category=list 
  • (items [] to [] of [ v]) // category=list 
  • ([mean v] of [a list v]) // category=list 
    (mean, median, range, etc.)
  • sort items of [ v] by numerical value //category=list 

System blocks

Note Note: This is a new category.

This category has also been called Files and Squeak before.

  • (read local file [])
  • (read remote file [])
  • (read line () of local file [])
  • (read line () of remote file [])
  • write () to file ()
  • (user home path)
  • host mesh
  • leave mesh
  • join mesh
  • join mesh at []
  • (IP address)
  • enter presentation mode
  • exit presentation mode
  • <presentation mode>
  • <using Insanity?>

More blocks

Note Note: This is a new category.
  • info dialog [] and wait
  • <confirm [] in dialog and wait>
  • (ask [] in dialog and wait)
  • (ask for file with title [] with extensions [] and wait)
  • <last file asked was not cancelled>
  • (time)
  • (hours)
  • (minutes)
  • (seconds)
  • open webpage[]
  • import project
  • set cursor to []
  • host mesh
  • turbo on
  • turbo off

Other features

Mod Share Uploader

In Insanity 1.0+ for Windows or 1.1+ for Mac, there is a tool that allows users to upload their projects directly to Mod Share without having to use the website. In Insanity 1.0, it FTP uploads the file using an AutoIT script to an external site which is then transferred onto Mod Share. In Insanity 1.1, it uses the HTTPSocket library in Squeak to send the file using POST data.

Partial full screen mode

In Insanity Beta and later, there are two presentation mode buttons. The first one puts Insanity in "partial presentation mode", or presentation mode inside the window. The second one, "full presentation mode", puts Insanity in presentation mode in full screen, like in Scratch.

Cloud variables

Insanity has a very basic feature to use cloud variables stored on Mod Share.

Mod Share Browser

Insanity has a tool to look at projects uploaded on Mod Share. It can look at featured projects, projects by specific users, or search queries.

Version history


First version of the mod, many blocks were added.

Version 1.0

First official version of the mod, Mod Share uploader added.

Version 1.1

Mod Share uploader fixed, various other bugs fixed, new blocks added, Squeak category changed to System, and cloud variables added.

Version 1.2

Insanity 1.2 has the following features:

  • A few more blocks
  • A few bug fixes
  • A built-in Mod Share browser
  • CYOB
  • Cloud variables that are tied to projects
  • Dictionary variables

Version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 was entirely bug fixes. The following bugs were fixed:

  • CYOB blocks did not save properly
  • Join block with array was removed, due to variables not saving[2]
  • Ask for file block glitches[3]
  • The cloud variable blocks did not work when given integer values

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 was a planned release, but remained unfinished due to the release of Scratch 2.0[4] The incompleteness also left the development to pause. The following features were planned:

  • "Create folder" block
  • Cloud lists
  • "New line" block
  • Fixing a glitch with right-clicking on a comparison block (completed)

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