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Currently, you can only share projects on the Scratch website that are smaller than 50 MB. If you get a message saying that your project is too large, try compressing or removing long sounds, like music. Also, if you are working in Scratch 1.4, try opening Scratch 2.0 and uploading your project from there.

Introducing a higher limit in Scratch 2.0

We used to be stuck with the 10 megabyte limit due to limitations in Java. We hope to be able to extend this limit in the next version of Scratch - but server space costs $! Unlimited is too big, 10 MB is too little.

– Lightnin, Scratch Team at MIT

The Scratch 2.0 File Format uses a more efficient storage system than the 1.4 file format, so even if it remained 10MB, projects could have more content. As it turned out, the limit was raised to 50 MB, 5 times the previous amount, although this still isn't true for projects uploaded from 1.4. However, each individual "asset" (sound/image) must be 10 MB or less.

How do I know when my project is too big? (Scratch 1.4)

Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

If you're offline, then you'll know when you try to share your project on the Scratch Website, Scratch will display this error message when your file is too big to upload (larger than 10MB for Scratch 1.4 and for Scratch 2.0 it is 50MB).

The message that appears if a project is over the size limit in Scratch 1.4.

If you're on the website, though, you'll know when your project is too large when you can not add any more images, sounds, or anything to it.

Reducing project size

Main article: Project Compression

The best way to reduce the size of your project is to compress the sounds and images. Below are some tips:

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