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An account rank determines a user's privileges on the Scratch Website and Forums.


  • New Scratcher - the default rank for all new users, has some restrictions such as having to wait between comments and having to wait 120 seconds between each post they make on the Discussion Forums.
  • Scratcher - the rank given to users who have been sufficiently active on the Scratch Website and Forums. They don't have to wait between posts and they only need to wait 60 seconds between forum posts. This is the regular rank that you will find most of the community has.
  • Community Moderator - a rank that used to apply on the forums to specific users (it has since been largely replaced by Scratch Mentors). They looked at reports and help out when people need help.
  • Scratch Team - the rank given to people who either moderate the Scratch Website and forums or people who take part in developing Scratch; it comes with administrator privileges. To get this rank you must be in MIT working for Scratch. For job openings - look at the bottom of the page on the Scratch website.
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