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Logo/Thumbnail Contests

Logo Contests are usually by users that want ideas for a logo or a studio thumbnail. The users who participate in that contest have to remix that project, and make the logo/thumbnail by their on art.


The requirements of a contest can vary. For example, if there's a certain user who wants blue and yellow, that would be a requirement. There is one requirement that you should do, or it would most likely get you banned, blocked or reported. Follow the community guidelines of Scratch.


The prizes can vary, as well. Maybe first place would get a follow, a shoutout, etc.

How to make an entry

You can make an entry and contribute to the contest by remixing the original project, create your entry, and then give credit to the user's logo/thumbnail contest.


You can make a modification to your entry as much as you want, until the contest ends

Making your own entry with a separate project

Making your own entry with a separate project is not against the community guidelines, but just to check, you should ask the owner of the contest. You should still give credit, too.

Other Information

Other Requirements

If you are making your own logo contest, you can make other requirements as long as they follow the community guidelines. If you are a user who is participating in the contest, you may not change the requirements, unless it's okay with the user.

Advertising contests

Advertising contests on user(s) profile(s) are not recommended, but if you have permission, then it's fine. if they tell you to stop, then don't advertise. There are a lot more ways to get noticed on a contest, than advertising contests on profile(s)

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