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Mix and Match Camp (abbreviated MaMC) was a sequel to 2014's Creative Characters Camp, which was held by scmb1. Mix and Match Camp Scratch Team hosts included, haddadi, ceebee, Paddle2See and speakvisually.

Camp Objectives

The main objective to this camp was to make sprites for the Scratch Community, then use sprites by other Scratchers in a project. During the first week of camp, Scratchers made the sprites, which include included a key, and a scientist. Participants also needed to create a backdrop that depicts a festival, though they did not have to make all three. In the second week, camp participants had to choose sprites, and backdrops by other Scratchers, and create a new project of any type using them. Participants also had to incorporate a special

Camp Counselors

This camp had six counselors who helped users, add projects to studios, and answer questions. They were:

  1. CrazyNimbus
  2. getbent
  3. 4LeafClovR
  4. -VexVorlo-
  5. st19_galla
  6. fmtfmtfmt2

As you can see, some of the counselors are SDS Curators, because some SDS Curators were chosen by haddadi, a Scratch Team member, to be a counselor of Mix and Match Camp.

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