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This eng is about the block. For more information on the value this block reports, see Mouse Y (value).

Mouse Y
2.0 Mouse Y.png
Category Sensing
Type Reporter

The Mouse Y block is a Sensing block and a Reporter block. The block holds the mouse-pointer's current Mouse Y.

Example Uses

As this block helps report where the mouse-pointer currently is, it is useful in sensing things with the mouse.

Some common uses for the Mouse Y block:

  • Helping to make a virtual slider
when I receive [set price v]
repeat until <not (mouse down?)>
  if <(mouse y) > (100)> then
    set y to (100)
    if <(mouse y) < (0)> then
      set y to (0)
      set y to (mouse y)
  set [price v] to (mouse y)
  • With the Mouse X block, giving the mouse's location
say (join (join (join (join [Your mouse is positioned at (] (mouse x))[,])(mouse y))[).])
  • Making a grid which objects snap to
set x to (([ceiling v] of ((mouse x) / (20)))*(20))
  • Buttons
when gf clicked
  if (mouse down?) then
    if <<(mouse x) > (50)> and <(mouse x) < (100)>> then
      if <<(mouse y) > (50)> and <(mouse y) < (100)>> then
        broadcast [Button clicked! v]
  • Adding animations to the mouse
  go to [mouse pointer v]
  change [color v] effect by (2)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

Note Note: This requires a sprite dedicated to finding the Y position of the mouse.
 go to [mouse-pointer v]
 set [Mouse Y v] to (y position)

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