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The Mouse Y is where the mouse-pointer is on the Y axis (vertical) of the Stage. The value gets higher or lower depending on how far up on the Stage it is. It cannot be off the Stage; in the project editor, it caps at ±180. If the mouse moves out of the Flash player frame, this value is set to 180.

Related Block

The following block can be used in conjunction with this value:

Mouse Y — The stage monitor and reporter block that reports the value

Example Uses

Some common uses for the Mouse Y value are below:

  • Sliders

In a project, if you want something to be adjustable, then you can use a slider that can be controlled using the mouse.

The slider button (the sprite that will slide back and forth) should have these scripts:

When this sprite clicked
repeat until (not(mouse down))
    set [main value v] to <mouse y>  
    go to x: (180) y: (main value)   

The X position can be any value, and the main value is the value that will be controlled by the slider.

  • Moving vertically
  • Finding the mouse's Y position
  • Mousing-over an area

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