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Questions about Scratch
Amount of activity: High amount of topics and a high amount of replies.
Types of users who can post: All users.
Brief description: "Post general questions about Scratch here."
Previously named: All About Scratch

Questions About Scratch is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can ask for help with Scratch, share guides, get advice, and more. Prior to the forum update on January 26, 2012, it was called All About Scratch.

What the Forum Contains

This broad forum category contains all of the following:

Questions and Help

Whether it is about the Scratch Program, Scratch Website, Scratch Forums and more, Scratchers can ask for help there. The help varies a lot, from programming help, to questions about whether something is appropriate for Scratch, and to forum posts. These topics nearly always get replies — questions and help are normally received. If the question is specifically on scripting help, it belongs in Help with Scripts.


As the forum has a broad subject, so do the guides. There is a wide range of guides, but guides for programming in Scratch account for a large amount of them.

Many guides can be found in the forum's ITopic index.

Before posting, it is good to check the iTopic index because there are some FAQs inside of it.

Scratch-Related Discussions

Often Scratchers discuss various things with Scratch and discussions highly relevant to Scratch belong in the Questions about Scratch. The discussions are general things, from projects on the Front Page to script efficiency.


The forum, having a broad subject, receives a high amount of activity. While more than a page is rarely active, a modest amount of topics are posted in each day. Many Scratchers are eager to give and get help and advice.

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