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ScratchX is a work-in-progress website being developed by the Scratch Team, aimed at providing a platform for testing experimental JavaScript Scratch Extensions. The current "Beta" version of the site was unveiled at Scratch Day at the MIT Media Lab on May 9, 2015.

Unlike the Scratch website, there is no community feature. Instead, projects can be shared elsewhere as .sbx files. ScratchX has no signup needed. Scratchers, however, could discuss ScratchX and Scratch extensions on the Developing Scratch Extensions forum, as linked from the ScratchX footer.

ScratchX Usage

An image of the ScratchX Gallery
An example of a ScratchX block
Warning Warning: ScratchX has experimental extensions that may not be safe for your computer.

There are three ways ScratchX can be used.[1] Developers can share their Scratch extension through a .sbx file. These can be loaded into ScratchX via the "Open an Extension Project" button located on the ScratchX homepage. Developers also have the choice to directly link to their extension or project using a URL in the form of<URL of extension/project> Finally, if you don't have a link or a file, you can check out and example extensions by going to the ScratchX Gallery page.

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