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Scratch Forums Music is a series of compilations of music made by users of the Scratch Forums, and more specifically the off-topic sections Things I'm Making and Creating and Things I'm Reading and Playing (as well as Miscellaneous, when it was open). It was started in early 2011 by veggieman001 and has currently released five compilations, at the rate of one per year.

Each compilation is released for free under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

This is arguably the largest Scratch collaboration, although it is only well-known on the Scratch Forums and does not make Scratch projects or operate like most collaborations.


Soundtrack to Miscellaneous, Vol. 1

User:Veggieman001/Album The first compilation, Soundtrack to Miscellaneous, Volume 1, was initiated with this forum topic on March 22, 2011. After seven months during which users could submit their songs for inclusion, the album was released onto the Scratch Forums.[1] Its artwork is by veggieman001.


Artist Title Length
Necromaster Diablo 3:16
supermusicteam Kaazo 0:21
The Plotline Lili 2:04
veggieman Xavier Says 3:45
technoguyx Trip to the Ol' Country 2:52
Senitary Shodoun 0:55
Lellowsfuzz Doo Dah DuhNuh 1:00
Goggles Success 0:48
Analogon Mario's Revenge 1:25
sanddude Lost in Space 2:40
Skirmisher Racer's Groove 1:21
melikecheese Le Onde 1:44

Soundtrack to Miscellaneous, Vol. 2

User:Veggieman001/Album Soundtrack to Miscellaneous, Volume 2, named to follow its predecessor, was the second compilation released. Three of the artist reprised their roles from the previous album, along with eight new ones. Submissions ran from October 25, 2011[2] until Miscellaneous closed in late January the following year; it was released a bit over a month later, in March.[3] Its artwork is by schnrfl.


Artist Title Length
schnrfl Song of Storms 2:00
fire219 What Synth is Made For 1:41
Skyline Miscellaneous — it means RaNdOm 1:14
IHeartGaming Technocrashed 1:16
The Android Guy De Do 0:51
AlphaFire Atmos 2 2:20
WindozeNT Falling Down Without You 5:33
Luigitailsdoll45 Penguin Fortress 0:47
Laternenpfahl Untitl3d 2 2:19
Skirmisher Total Sum 1:45
veggieman Creeps & Spooks 2:23

Songs We're Making and Creating

User:Veggieman001/Album The third album and first to be created after Miscellaneous closed down, Songs We're Making and Creating (named after the Things I'm Making and Creating forum), is as of yet the latest and longest by far. Despite this, only six of its artists had participated in previous releases. The compilation was first attempted after the release of the previous album,[4] but submissions occurred only after the thread was rebooted in October.[5] It was released on April 1, 2013, to the critical acclaim of many forum users.[6] Its cover artwork is by luiysia, and the download of the album features additional artwork by 777w, Aidan, fire219, slinger, and Laternenpfahl.


Artist Title Length
Sevy Dubs These Shades 0:54
Zero Funk Under the Trees 1:51
underageb& 0:55
fire219 The Heartbeat of the Galaxy 1:58
Trifocal Interlude (Zippynk) With a Twist of Lemon 1:46
vwam Failed Experiment 0:52
Playzööki Ace öf Errörs 2:30
RoBoX1o1 Orca 7:08
scratchisthebest h84c%^,r; 2:40
Evan Gambit Farewell My Friend 3:22
FistofDeath Flash 2:54
Predictions of Yesterday Blank Page 2:39
Quiet Please Anthemic 3:03
More than one letter (like three letters) More than one letter (like two letters) 0:49
Hymnus Is That Enough? 2:05
Skyline While My Guitar Gently Weeps 4:30
Hardmath123 The Crownless 6:13
Sometimes the Cat Do I Have To? 2:02
Drama Joint The Answer is No 2:42
whizzer0 Submarine 1:25
Gravitation (untitled) 2:21
technoguyx Ultrasound House 2:18
SpicyChorizo Solace 7:10
luiysia pony cheese 0:26

Songs We're Making and Creating Part 2: Revenge of the Music: Prepare your Ears

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Artist Title Length
PaulRHTJ Strength Within 3:51
Skyline Lazy 3:00
slapperbob Why the sky is blue 2:38
Predictions of Yesterday Great Battle 1:52
%%% I'm the black one! 1:48
birdsinbaskets & 30,000 foot view Food Frowns 2:18
Makefire Moonlight 5:39
Probehead Generova 3:43
Personal Mythologies Insects 2:52
Sometimes the Cat Guess who's not in the mood 2:19
music Bi . Bu . Ba 0:43
SpicyChorizo Narwhal 3:38
Family Knives Pudding 3:12
birdsinbaskets Emotion 2:15
Spiffy Flinger Claustrophobia 2:13
Slightly Musical Conehead Empty 3:36
Mochi Tuesday Afternoon 3:22
Kitchen Magician Unrest 6:31
Playzööki whoop32 9:39
Xanic Payne - Butterfly Free - 1:40
whizzer0 EmujijumE 9:53

Songs We're Making and Creating III

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Songs We're Making and Creating IV

User:Veggieman001/Album Songs We're Making and Creating IV is an upcoming album planned to be released. A few users have planned to composed a song for the album. It has a forum post and a few submissions.[7]


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