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Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

The Scratch Movie Player Morph is a Scratch Morph that allows movies from your computer to be played in Scratch.

Getting the Movie Player Morph

First, shift-click the R, and click on the white bit around the edge of the screen, the World Menu will come up. Then, click on New Morph:


This time, the "Add a new morph" menu will come up, with a list of options. Move your mouse over to "movies," the seventh option down on the list, and another option will come up. It should say 'MoviePlayerMorph'. Clicking this will bring it up.


Now the movie player will be on your mouse, and you can move it around. It is recommended that you place it in the top left corner of a Scratch project so all of a movie can be seen. To move it around once you've placed it, Alt-Click on it four times and select the brown icon with the square in it. Once you've finished moving it, click elsewhere.

Using the Movie Player Morph

The Scratch Movie Player Morph.

The first button, on the left of the movie player says "open." This allows you to import a video file into the movie player, so it can be played. The file must be an MPEG or JPEG filetype.

The next button is "Menu" which contains the following options:

  • Turn on/off repeat - Loops the movie
  • Set frame rate - Sets the rate at which the movie plays in frames per second
  • Create JPEG from MPEG - Converts an MPEG movie file into a JPEG image file
  • Create JPEG from folder of frames - Creates a JPEG movie file by putting together lots of pictures in a folder

The next option is "Rewind," this does what it says and rewinds the movie that is playing.

After that, it is "Play," which also does what it says. It plays the movie from the current point until the end (if repeat is off) or until the stop button is pressed.

The stop button, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, stops the movie playing.

The left and right arrows next to it allow you to choose between which movie you want to play.

The two bars below all the other options control the volume, and where in the movie you are. By moving the bottom option you change the place in the movie that is on the screen.


The movie player does not work in Presentation Mode, and you can not upload a project with it in to the Scratch Website. Also, since it limits the filetypes used to MPEG and JPEG, you have to convert a lot of video files before playing them. Finally, a project with the morph in cannot be saved.

Related Blocks

In Scratch 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 there were several experimental blocks that could be used with the movie player that were cut from the final release. They included blocks to start and stop the movie, blocks to change the zoom and pan, and blocks to set the fade.

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