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The Student and Teacher accounts are special types of accounts which allow Scratch for classroom use. They have the ability to participate in classes. Little is known at this time as they are unreleased. The teacher accounts will be released for beta testing by a select group of teachers sometime in late January 2016.[1]


Before the creation of these accounts, they were commonly suggested by teachers.[2][3][4][5] These accounts were planned in 2013.[6][7] The Scratch Team started working on the accounts sometime after this date.[8][9] The Scratch Team revealed work on this feature in May 2015.[10]

We're also working on a couple big projects, such as the student/teacher account system that would allow for better support for the schools who are using Scratch in their classrooms (a project that is very much long overdue for us).

– Cheddargirl, Scratch Team

Sometime in 2015, these accounts were added to the Scratch Translation Server, with translators notified by email. [citation needed]

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The first class was created in July 2015, most likely for testing purposes.[11]

In October 2015, further knowledge about this feature was revealed with the public discovery of the Scratch Development server.[12] This was followed by the discovery of more student and teacher accounts.[13] The feature was confirmed by the Scratch Team.[14] It's now known that these accounts have been added to Scratch, but may not be ready for the public for some time.[15] These accounts are now more widely known among community members, and have been discussed frequently.[16][17]

How it works

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The teacher who wishes to make a class must first register an account. Once registered, teachers will have the ability to create a class. Then the class can be opened, and the teacher can invite students with a link. [citation needed]

If the class ends, the teacher can close the class. The students who are a part of the class will then no longer have the ability to log in. [citation needed]

The teacher will be able to see all of the activity of their students, including when they: [citation needed]

In addition, each student will have their own Profile Page. A class page can be created by the teacher, which displays the students, and class studios.


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