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The portion of a user profile displaying the users' favorites.

The favorite is a feature on the Scratch Website that allows users to mark projects as those among their favorites. Favorited projects can be viewed on the profile of the person who favorited them, which allows others to view projects that user enjoys. Favorites are shown on projects by stars while love-its are shown by hearts.

How to Favorite a Project

A project that has not been favorited by the logged in user.

To favorite a project, a user views the wanted project and selects the grey star button.

A project that has been favorited by the logged in user.

Once that has been done, the favorite button will be replaced with a yellow star and the number next to the star which represents the number of favorites will have changed by 1, which when clicked again will remove the project from the user's list of favorites.

How to View a User's Favorites

In order to view a user's list of favorites, a person simply has to visit that user's profile and examine the row of favorited projects. The full list of somebody's favorites is available by clicking 'view all'. However, it's not always necessary to click the view all button to see every favorite, though, because some users have favorited few projects so all of them show up on their profile.

Curating Projects

Main article: Curator (front page)

Curators select projects to be on the front page by favoriting them. The five most recently favorited projects by the current curator appear in the "Projects Curated by ______" slot on the front page. When they favorite a project, it's not usually immediately on the front page, it can take up to 30 minutes for the front page to update. To become a front page curator, see Curator (front page)#Application and Selection. If curators wish to curate a project that is already in their favorites, they can move it to the top of their favorites list by removing it from their favorites and then re-selecting it as a favorite.

Recent Activity

As well as showing up in your favorite projects on your profile, it also shows on your recent activity which is available publically on your profile, and on the front page to all of your followers in the "What's Happening" section.

April Fools Day

On April Fools Day of 2015, the favorite button was replaced with a banana, to go along with the theme of "Edible Scratch"

The love and favorite buttons on April Fools Day 2015

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