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General info about translating pages

This is a "translate-Subpage" that defines the Translate-Links at the top of its basepage Test Scratch Wiki Home. If you are author of this wiki, just edit it:

  1. If this page name has a black link above in your language go to edit of this page and add it
  2. If this page name is wrong in your Language and the link still red, then change it
  3. If this page name is wrong in your Language but blue, then click it to go to the existing article and move that article ("Move" in the pencil-menu) then come back here and correct the articles name, so it will be linked right
  4. If this page name in your Language is right but still red, you can create it:
    1. Copy the string: "{{:Test Scratch Wiki Home/translate}}" in your copybuffer
    2. Click on that red link and create the page
    3. Paste that just copied string at the top of the new created page
    4. If you save the page you have an new empty Article in your Language with the right name and with the right translate-navigation.
    5. Use this new page as a start for your translation of that page

(you can change the above general infotext here.)
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Additional individual page info:

Individual info about translating Eng:Test Scratch Wiki Home

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