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An example of a user created website.

User created websites are websites that are created by the Scratch Community and are not run, monitored, or managed by the Scratch Team. These sites are usually discussion forums about Scratch related topics, personal pages made by Scratch project creators made to showcase their projects, "Scratch News" sites or blogs/sites made inform others on what is going on in the Scratch community.


According to the Scratch Team, user created websites are allowed, however, they must follow the following guidelines for them to be linked to from the Scratch website:[1]

  • They must follow the Scratch Community Guidelines.
  • They must be appropriate for all ages.
  • They must be reasonably secure.

Once the creator of the site has confirmed that the site follows the guidelines listed above, they must make a post in this thread giving the link to the site in question, and making a promise that the site in question follows the guidelines above.

Once the user created website has been approved by the Scratch Team, the site will be added to the approved sites list. Once that happens, that site is now approved to be linked to from the Scratch website.

Types of Sites

Generally, user created sites are of the following types:

  • Unofficial discussion fourms for Scratchers
  • Unofficial social media pages, on sites like,, etc.
  • Blogs or sites about "Scratch News", or sites that keep up with events happening on the Scratch website, or in the Scratch Community
  • Personal websites about the Scratcher, or a group they are part of

Approved sites

Currently, there are 272 sites that are approved by the Scratch Team.[1]


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