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Make a Story is a video in a series of video tutorials under the Help tab on the Scratch main head bar. It describes how to make a simple story involving Pico and Giga. The video is 5 minutes and 50 seconds long.


[0:00] Today, we will create a story in which two sprites talk to each other.

Tera and Pico hold a conversation.

[0:15] Let us find out how this is done.

[0:17] I will begin by deleting the default sprite. Done.

[0:22] Now I need a new sprite, so I will get one by clicking on the new sprite icon, and I will select Pico.

[0:32] Since Pico needs someone to talk to, I will get another sprite.

[0:39] This time, I will select Giga. You can play around with different characters here.

[0:47] Okay, so when our story begins, both Pico and Giga are outdoors, but right now, it doesn't seem like they're outdoors. It seems like they're in front of a white backdrop. So let's change the backdrop.

[1:00] I will click on the new backdrop icon... and select a backdrop labeled "Pathway".

[1:18] At this point, we can see two backdrops: a white space, and the pathway. Since we don't need the white backdrop for our story, we will delete it.

[1:28] Okay, now I will make the two sprites talk to each other. Since Pico starts the story, I will click on Pico, and go back to the Scripts tab.

[1:36] I want this program to run when I click on the green flag, so I will get that block.

[1:41] Now in my story, Pico starts the conversation by saying "Hello" to Giga.

[1:48] Next, I have to program the story in such a way that Giga says "Hello" back to Pico. Well Giga needs to know when to say "Hello".

[1:57] To do this, I will grab the broadcast block. This block can send messages back and forth between Giga and Pico, and can thus help show the dialog at the right time.

[2:11] I will broadcast a new message called "giga1".

when gf clicked
say [Hi Giga!] for (2) secs
broadcast [giga1 v]

[2:19] Now when Giga receives this message, it knows that it is his turn to say "Hello" back, so I will click on Giga, and get the "When I Receive The Message" block, so when Giga receives this message sent by Pico, it says "Hi Pico!"

[2:36] Okay, now let's continue the conversation between Giga and Pico. After Giga has said "Hello" back, it is Pico's turn to talk, so I will grab the broadcast block, and send a message called "pico1"

when I receive [giga1 v]
say [Hi Pico!] for (2) secs
broadcast [pico1 v]

[2:51] When Pico receives this message called "pico1"... it asks a question.

[3:11] "Would you like to go to the moon?", asks Pico.

[3:25] And then it broadcasts another message called "giga2".

when I receive [pico1 v]
say [Would you like to go to the moon?] for (2) secs
broadcast [giga2 v]

[3:38] And when Giga receives this new message called "giga2"... it replies by saying, "Sure, let's go!"

when I receive [giga2 v]
say [Sure, let's go!] for (2) secs

[4:00] Okay, let's run this program.

[4:11] Now I have to make both Giga and Pico go to the moon, so after Giga has said, "Sure, let's go!", I will broadcast a new message... and I will call this new message "GoToMoon".

when I receive [giga2 v]
say [Sure, let's go!] for (2) secs
broadcast [GoToMoon v]

[4:29] And then, I will change the backdrop to moon. To do this, I will get a new backdrop... and this time, I will select a backdrop that looks like the moon.

[4:43] Now, there are two backdrops inside my project: a pathway, and the moon.

[4:49] While the backdrop is selected, I will go back to the scripts tab, and then add logic which says that when the message "GoToMoon" is received, change the backdrop to backdrop moon.

when I receive [GoToMoon v]
switch backdrop to [moon v]

[5:04] Okay, let's run this program.

[5:10] Wait, when the story starts, both Giga and Pico are outdoors.

[5:17] So let me add logic which says, that when I hit the green flag, switch the backdrop to pathway.

when gf clicked
switch backdrop to [pathway v]

[5:31] Okay, now let's run this program again.

[5:45] Finally, what do you think happens next in this story?

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