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This is a list of bugs in the new Scratch Wiki skin. You can test bugs here.

If you're interested in trying to fix some of the bugs, you can fork on GitHub: We're not looking for huge changes to the code, so if you have an idea for a big new feature, please discuss it before working hard on it.


  • Images are squished, e.g. in the table on List of Block Workarounds
  • Font size and spacing of the main content.
  • Some templates look wrong (see User:KrIsMa/Templates)
  • Grouping edits in recent changes doesn't load the necessary JS.
  • Special and Talk pages should have different content where it says "Information Page". So should MediaWiki, Help, and User.
  • The images in the "Contents" section on the main page are shifted to the left do to the lack of working <center> tags.
  • Major differences in the search box styling
  • Scratch Blocks sometimes can be seen through the header (header needs a z-index of 200+ish, scratchblocks2 uses ~100)
  • Link in Information Page box goes to a redirect.
  • Cite notes can cause the main header to glitch. Screenshot
  • span.subpages needs CSS display: block, to prevent redirect messages from being on the same line (see Test-Scratch-Wiki:ScratchWikiSkin Bugs/Sandbox/Redirect)
  • Section/anchor links cause the section title to be covered by the top bar.
  • Search bar is rectangular on Mac OS 10.10
  • In tables, header templates have square boxes around the text and the image.
  • Already-visited links don't change color
  • Message templates have a missing background and are very wide. (Mac OS 10.10.3, possibly others)
  • Search box: magnifying glass obscures the first few characters or so in the text box.
  • Search bar entry text is too small on iPad Mini.
  • TOC placement issues (e.g. Friend List)
  • All The Words In The Navigation Sidebar Are Capitalized Like This, But Aren't Capitalized On Their MediaWiki Pages.


  • Links in the top navigation bar don't go anywhere. Should be: Scratch | Create | Explore | Discuss | Help
  • Search box: Instead of having no text to start, the word "test" is in the text box.
  • Broken links aren't colored red
  • The Scratch Wiki logo doesn't link to the Main Page.
  • Floating images need more padding. (example)
  • Main content floats below sidebar if the window's too narrow. (screenshot)
  • First and second level headings need unique styles.
  • A ";" at the start of a line doesn't make the line bold.
  • Scrollbars appear in weird places, such on each line of a diff.
  • External links have no icon.
  • Table of contents needs styling with enclosing box.
  • Search box doesn't show dropdown.
  • The styling on the header is not exactly the same between the main site and the wiki
    • The header's height is 35px on the main site and 33px on on the wiki
    • Other minor spacing differences
  • clicking on an item in the dropdown for search goes to search results, not the actual page
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