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Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

A Friend List was a page on the Scratch Website that is given specifically to every user. Now, it is a term called following.

An image showing part of a user's friend list.

Once a Scratcher visits another's user profile and clicks a button titled "add to friends", the user will be added to their friend list page.

A user's five most recent friends.

A user's five most recent friends (or less, if they have that amount) will be displayed on the user profile, while the rest (in order from least recent to most recent) can be viewed by accessing the user's friend list.


While adding a user to a friend list helps create a bond, there are other uses; a row on the Front Page shows three projects recently shared by a user's friends. This acts as a way of "subscribing" to users, so a user can see projects by their favorite genre or creator.

Some users have used friend lists as a source of fun; they set goals to add thousands of Scratchers to their list, occasionally reaching the Front Page for it.


Many users have complained of randomly being added to other Scratchers' friend lists. Suggestions have been made in which the user added has to accept the offer;[1] none have been implemented yet, however. Though, in the Scratch 2.0 website, the friend system has been replaced by a "following" system where users can subscribe to another's projects and to prevent newer users from getting confused.

Some users think that "following" should be changed back to "friending".[2]

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