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Subdomains for Real Scratch Wikis that are created will be defined by ISO_639-1, two-lettered codes for the representation of names of languages. All codes can be found at the list on Wikipedia.

The subdomain of a wiki will look like that:

Below is a short list of codes for all languages that have their own Scratch forum or have already been created. Please note that there are some special cases.

Attention: For Test Wikis which are part of this Wiki, the ISO 639-2 codes are used. They have three letters.


Language (original name) Language (English translation) Subdomain
English English
Deutsch German (Special Case:
Français French
日本語 Japanese
Nederlands Dutch
Pусский Russian (Special Case:
Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian (Special Case:
Magyar Hungarian

Special Cases

Before the Test Wiki was created, a group that wanted to create a wiki in their own language could decide on their URL mostly freely. So comes that the languages German, Russian, and Indonesian have slightly different URLs.