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Operators blocks is one of the ten categories of Scratch blocks. They are color-coded light-green, and are used to script math equations and string handling. It was previously titled Numbers Blocks, but was renamed in Scratch 1.4 due to new blocks that handled strings.

There are currently six Boolean blocks and eleven Reporter blocks in this category. This and PicoBoard Blocks are the only categories to contain no Stack blocks.


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Scratch 2.0 has the following six Operators Boolean Blocks:

Scratch 2.0 has the following eleven Operator Reporter blocks:

Obsolete Blocks

Prior to Scratch 1.2, the () of () block was two separate blocks, Abs () and Sqrt (), with no other mathematical functions.


Scratchers have suggested an Operators block that solves exponents.[1][2]

(() ^ ()::operators)

Some Scratchers have suggested true and false Booleans, however this has not been implemented, possibly due to the easy workaround. [3]


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