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Can I help with it? --<scratchsig>JayceeMinecraft</scratchsig> 17:49, 18 October 2015 (UTC)

Yes, I'am happy that yoiu ask again. You are one of whom I thougt when writing (here):
  • Those restrictions surely sometimes kept of people that could have been successful if we only had given them a chance to prove it
  • Its also frustrating for potential authors to wait so long for a start, or to hear "no, we don't believe you could be successful because..."
I remenber that you urgently wanted to build a Wiki in Nigerian(Igbo) and we decided not to create it because there seems only to be a "one person community". Now you can startat and try to show that you can build a wiki and a community in Nigerian(Igbo). BTW: That's nearly what id:user:Rumanti did in Indonesia: First she was only one person, but she edited the indo-wiki nearly every day and as time goes by there were more poeople from indonesia editing the wiki. I made you an account at test-scratch-wiki should have sent your password by mail to your adress that I still knew) and copied our conversation at your new talk-Page there:
Please have in MInd that the test-scratch-wiki is not only for Nigerian(Igbo) but also for other language communities: So all Nigerian(Igbo) pages must be in a separate wiki-space with the Nigerian(Igbo)-Sign in front of it. Surly you will get help. I'm looking very forward to the result and would be happy to create a separate Nigerian(Igbo)-Wiki, after you demonstrated that it's possible in the Test-Scratch-Wiki. Good Luck!
Mtwoll (talk) 16:43, 19 October 2015 (MEST)

Where are you?

I thought you were so interested in the test-wiki but you didn't edit here since about a week and even not at the English Scratch-Wiki from 2-7. Nov . I would really like you starting the Igbo-Test-Wiki. It could have had the chance to be the first test-wiki here, but still now, as the french-test-wiki is already started, it can be the second one. If you build the Igbo-test-Homepage (like the french one was build by User:Smrman) I would be delighted and put it at the Sidebar. You would be the right member of the "set-up-stuff" here, because you have lot of experience from the English Scratch-Wiki an speak multiple languages: Why not give information about scratch to people of the Igbo language? You could be something special like id:user:Rumanti is for the Indonesian language.

Also I also would recommend you to relaunch your userpages:

It should look more convincing for somebody who visits them to ask you for coaching in the international wikis (perhaps more like en:user:jvvg...sadly not all Admin user Pages of the English wiki are really convincing ;-). I saw that you have >1000 edits and said that you are "always at the wiki". I know that you want to earn more "Wiki-fame" and "wiki-rights" and I think you will, if you constantly help and coach our international newbies here. Thank you in advance! Mtwoll (talk) 17:07, 8 November 2015 (MET)


Do you know user:U_W_N? He is really involved, perhaps even to much, so he got in a little bit of in conflict with me exact in that time when you did not edit Special:Contributions/U_W_N. He seems to have much experience with Mediawiki but he claims to be a newbie. Therefore I though he could be a Sockpuppet of somebody else (I even thought perhaps of you) what would be complete unacceptable, but could be excused (if its true) if the "player" would tell and regret it, because he didn't know how bad such behavior is and because it was no real "Sockpuppet"-thing until now. It would be much worse, if he didn't use the chance to tell the truth and we would find out it later, perhaps by IP-analyses or somehow else. Mtwoll (talk) 17:07, 8 November 2015 (MET)

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