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笔迹宽度改变 ()
筆跡寬度設為 (10)
类别 画笔类积木
形狀 条形积木

The Change Pen Size by () 积木 is a 画笔类积木 and a 条形积木. The block changes the pen's size by the specified amount.


In art 专案 where users draw things, the pen size may want to be changed —this block does the job.

Some common uses for the Change Pen Size by () block:

  • Repeatedly changing the pen size while the pen is being used to create interesting art
  • Changing pen sizes for an art program
  • In projects that draw objects with the pen, changing the size of the object(s)


This block cannot be replicated with other Scratch blocks, due to the fact that there is no block that holds the pen size. However, if the block existed, the Change Pen Size by () block could be replicated with the following code:

筆跡寬度設為 ((pen size) + (amount))

Nevertheless, that is how Scratch itself does it.


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