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"Go to" redirects here. For the block that makes a sprite go to a specific coordinate, see Go to X: () Y: () (block).
Go to ()
2.0 Go to ().png
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Go to () block is a Motion block and a Stack block. The block sets its sprite's X and Y position to that of the mouse-pointer or another sprite — in other words, it moves the sprite to a random position, the mouse-pointer, or another sprite.

Example Uses

The Go to X: () Y: () block does not simply move sprites to specific objects - the Go to () block, however, can move sprites to other sprites or the mouse-pointer.

Some common uses for the Go to () block:

go to [mouse-pointer v]
  • A piece of clothing that must stay with the sprite that wears it
go to [person v]
  • Preventing a sprite from moving
go to [Sprite1 v]
  • Controlling a pencil with the mouse
if <mouse down?> then
go to [mouse-pointer v]
pen down
pen up
  • Changing the position of objects on a hidden treasure game
when green flag clicked
go to [random position v]


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

With the sprite going to the mouse-pointer:

go to x: (mouse x) y: (mouse y)

With the sprite going to another sprite:

go to x: ([x position v] of [wanted sprite v]) y: ([y position v] of [wanted sprite v])

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