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A list of projects that have been tagged with the words "operating system".

Operating systems (often abbreviated as OS) are simulation projects that imitate an operating system. Despite the fact that Scratch is not capable of creating an actual operating system, impressive projects have been made. The main reason that a true operating system can not be created is because Scratch is not capable of reading or writing files on the computer's hard drive. Common applications include Pong games, music players, and paint programs. Complex operating systems allow developers to create applications which can be installed separately by users.


Scratch has a long history of users attempting to program their own operating systems. Several have been very successful, reaching the Scratch Website's Front Page.

The projects' complexity have grown over time, as new blocks and such were released, along with other features that allowed programmers to perform astonishing feats.

One such feature was the fact that a user could download a project and import it into their downloaded operating system, very much like purchasing software and installing it in reality. Studios have been provided for users, allowing them to download many projects from one place. In addition to this, some advanced operating systems allow users to import music and images into their project and play it from their project.

Types of Operating Systems

The following lists the most common items used in a typical Scratch Operating System.

User Interfaces


  • Parodies
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
  • Custom
    • Windows-like (bar on bottom)
    • Mac-like (dock on bottom bar on top)
    • Linux-like (bar on top and bottom)
    • Only dock
    • Only bar
    • Multiple docks/bars


  • Console/terminal
    • Filesystem based
    • Console apps based


  • Parodies
    • Windows Sounds
    • Mac Sounds
    • Linux Sounds
  • Custom
    • Custom soundtrack



Below is a list of example Operating System projects. A large list of OS's can be found here.

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