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Quitting is when a Scratcher decides to no longer go on the whole or part of the Scratch Website for a short while, or forever. A Scratcher can quit from the Main Site, the Scratch Forums, or both.

Types of Quitting

Main Site

People on the main site usually quit either because they want do not want to cope with bullies[1], competitions, lack of notice, are behind other important things,[2] or because they are simply bored of Scratch. Scratchers also quit when they feel they need to move on from Scratch, to either more advanced programming languages or more popular sites. This is the most common type of quitting.

Sometimes, users quit for a temporary time to gain popularity, and come back in a few weeks so that people are excited on their return, while some leave forever because their projects are not popular or they have a small amount of followers. [citation needed] This is generally looked down upon in the community. [citation needed]

Some users can quit because they receive multiple alerts, and feel like they are more likely going to be banned if they continue on Scratch.[3][4][5]

A small percentage of quitting users quit because of things they do not like about the Scratch community.Template:Issue


People on the forums usually quit because of flame wars, or other arguments. This can also be permanent, or temporary.

April Fools' Day

On April Fools' Day, many Scratchers claim to quit as a prank on the community.[6][7][8] However, this can happen on other days as well.[9]

Continuing Journey

Main article: Alternatives to Scratch

Some Scratchers get into more advanced programming and leave Scratch. They may also move to bigger, more popular websites. Typically these Scratchers have quit permanently.

Reactions to quitting

When fans discover that the user they're fans of quits, they sometimes exhibit a strong emotional response and comment on the profile saying that they'll miss the user. Fans may also share projects showing sadness of the user quitting and sometimes create a studio showing the memory of the user who quitted.[10] However, if a user leaves Scratch, some Scratchers could think that the user left Scratch forever and unfollow the user.


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