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The Scratch FAQ is a help page on the Scratch Website that lists Frequently Asked Questions about Scratch. It can be used to find features on Scratch that one does not know or may want to know. It is also helpful for troubleshooting any problems and solving curiosity. The Scratch forums is another helpful resource in which users can answer each other's questions.

Prior to Scratch 2.0, there was also a category on the forums for FAQ.


The following topics are the main overview of Scratch's FAQ:

  • General Questions
    • What is Scratch, and what can I do with it?
    • How do I make a game or animation with Scratch?
    • What are the system requirements for Scratch?
    • Do you have an downloadable version so I can create and view projects offline?
    • Can I still upload projects created with older versions of Scratch to the website?
    • Can I make a video with Scratch and upload it to YouTube?
    • How much does Scratch cost? Do I need a license?
    • Who created Scratch?
    • Who runs Scratch?
  • Privacy Policy
    • What information do you ask for during account registration?
    • What data is collected from people while they use the website?
    • Does the Scratch Team sell or rent information about users of Scratch to anyone?
    • Can the Scratch Team view unshared projects on my 'My Stuff' page?
  • Remixing and Copying
    • What is a remix?
    • Why does the Scratch Team require that all projects be “remixable”?
    • What if I don’t want others to remix my projects?
    • Can I use images / sounds / media from the internet in my projects?
  • Accounts
    • What is a “confirmed” Scratch account?
    • How do I confirm my account?
    • Do I have to confirm my account?
    • I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
    • How do I change my password?
    • How do I change my email address?
    • How do I transition from 'New Scratcher' to 'Scratcher'?
    • Can I have more than one account?
    • Is it OK to have more than one person logged into an account?
    • Can I change my username?
    • What information can I share on / with my account?
    • How do I delete my account?
  • Licensing and Permissions
    • Is Scratch free?
    • Can I use Scratch and / or screenshots of Scratch in a textbook or a CD?
    • Can I include a description of Scratch and the Scratch logo in brochures or other materials?
    • Can I present Scratch at a conference?
    • May I use / remix Scratch support materials, sprites, images, sounds or sample projects I’ve found on the website?
    • Can I sell my Scratch projects?
    • Where can I find the source code for Scratch?
  • Inappropriate Content
    • How do I know what is or isn’t okay to share on the Scratch website?
    • What do I do if I see something that’s inappropriate?
    • What do I do if I see someone being mean or disrespectful?
    • What does the Scratch team do when something is reported or flagged?
    • What happens when an account is blocked?
    • My mean brother / Kaj / some other bad guy stole my account and got it banned, what do I do?
  • Cloud Data
    • What is cloud data?
    • Who can see the data stored in cloud data?
    • Why is cloud data currently limited to only numbers -- with no strings or lists?
    • If I see someone post inappropriate content using cloud data, how do I report it?
    • Can I make chat rooms with cloud data?
    • How do I add a cloud variable when I'm making a project?
    • Who can change the information in a cloud variable?
    • I am logged in, but I still cannot use projects with cloud data. What is going on?
    • Is it possible to make multiplayer games with cloud data?
    • How long does it take for cloud data to reach another Scratcher?

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